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Cinderella’s castle (boys & girls aged 18 months to 35 months):

A fun filled class where parents and their toddlers can dance together using exciting props all while learning the magic of dance.   Little ones will learn: the basics of a dance class such as dance class structure and basic dance moves.  This class will help little ones develop coordination, learn rhythm, and will help develop both large and fine motor skills. Don’t miss this wonderful introduction to dance..  The theme for this session is based on the new Cinderella movie.  Little girls will get to be Cinderella and little boys will be Prince Charming.  Class duration – 45 minutes.

Pre-Jazz (3 yrs – 4 yrs)

Boys welcome! This is a fun introduction combination class made up of Jazz movements and techniques mixed with a few Hip-Hop moves suited to little children. Warm-ups, centre work, corner work and choreography are taught. Class duration 45 minutes.

Creative dance – Once Upon a Time(boys & girls aged 3-4 yrs old)

This class is designed as an introduction to dance.  The class will explore movement through music, stimulate dancers’ imagination, coordination, rhythm and promote creativity.  It will also give them an understanding of the classroom communality, improve social skills and develop their motor skills all while having fun. 

Class duration-45 minutes

Broadway Babies (boys & girls aged 5-7 yr olds)

Created for the excitement of performing.  A class exploring the combination of Jazz dance and theatrical dance.  Children will learn how to express themselves while dancing to popular children’s Broadway tunes from musicals such as  “The Lion King”, “Matilda”, “Annie” and many more. 

Funky Jazz (for 5-7 yrs )

Forget about the technique and get ready to learn choreography that will be all about the beats in the music, intricate movements and hitting hard! Get ready to show off your swag and attitude while incorporating your own personal style and flavor! There is no need to have a dance background. As long as you can move to the music you can take this class. Choreographies as seen on the “popular music videos”

ACRO (INTRO 6 yrs – 10 yrs)

and also another class Level 2/3 based on teacher’s opinion)

Acro (short for acrobatics) incorporates both dance and gymnastics.  It is usually built off of jazz technique, but also incorporates ballet and lyrical techniques as well creating smooth and fluid transitions between dance and acro skills.  Acro is different from a gymnastics floor routine where more dance technique and each movement is carefully connected to the next. Acro teaches skills such as headstands, elbow stands, handstands, cartwheels and walkovers.  As students become more advanced, they also work up to skills such as aerials and handsprings.  Acro focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, and creating fluid dance pieces.

Highland Dancing (7 yrs +)

Two classes are available. One for beginners and competition dancers and two just for Intermediate/Premier dancers.  For the new dancer, they will begin with an introduction to the Highland Fling and learn basic Pas de Basques and Hi-Cuts. Lots of fun and as well as great body discipline.

Irish Dancing (7 yrs & over)

For Hard Shoe and Soft Shoes. This class is  Beginner/Novice levels who have studied this before. The class will be divided by technical expertise.   Reels, Jigs and basic movements will be covered.  Competition dancers should take this class!

Intro to Lyrical ( 6 yrs – 10 yrs)

This class mixes Lyrical dance with Contemporary dance.  The class will cover different styles of dance, including jazz, lyrical, classical ballet and modern dance with more emphasis on expressive movement, emotion and storytelling. The lyrics of the song serve as inspiration for movements and expressions.

Bboy for girls (7-12 yrs old and also a class for 13 yrs +)

Commonly referred to as breakdancing.  In the past we offered this style for boys only.  Now it’s the girl’s time.  This is a style of street dance that was created, and evolved as part of hip-hop culture with youths in New York City. Bboy/Breaking includes four primary moves: top rock, footwork, freezes and power moves. 

Surprise Style dance class (boys and girls 8-12 yrs old)

Every week dancers will be surprised with a different style of dance: Jazz, Broadway, Funky, Lyrical, Musical theatre etc…).  This is a great opportunity for your young dancer to test out various styles of dance.  You never know what you are going to get!!

Hip-Hop & Jazz (8 yrs – 12 yrs)

This is a high energy class for dancers who are beginners or advanced that challenges the dancer by introducing them to the free form of urban street-style dancing.  One hour of a none-stop work-out and choreography using basic street style & Jazz dancing. No dance back-ground is required. Very popular class. Space is limited so please register early. Boys welcome!

Jumps and turns (8 yrs +):

Levesl 2 and 3 are closed levels.  Level 1 is open to dancers 8 years and older.  Dancer must have at least one year of dance experience (preferably ballet or jazz experience).  This class is a technique class that is dedicated to learning, improving and perfecting technique in jumps, kicks, turns etc. Plyometric training as well as stretch and strengthening is also taught to improve the dancer’s power.

Contemporary dance progressions (12 yrs + Int/Advanced):

This is a class for intermediate to advanced level dancers looking to perfect their ability to perform contemporary style dance progressions (turns, jumps, movements across the floor etc..)

Broadway Jazz (12 yrs and up):

This class will develop the general movement skills, strength and flexibility required to dance in multiple musical theatre styles.  Adapted choreography from well-known Broadway choreographers and Musicals will be introduced.  The Focus of this class will be on performance and expression.

Funky Heels (13 years and older):

What more can we say.   This is a Funky Jazz class in high heels inspired by the latest music videos.

Classes suitable for Adults:

Stretch and Strengthen (10 yrs to adult):

You will split your time between full body strengthening (toning) and full body stretch.  The focus will be on “functional fitness”…movements that we need for every day functioning.  Basic exercises that will get your muscles feeling toned , long and lean inspired by Ballet exercises.This workout will be led by: Shena Cameron Prihoda.  Shena is a Certified Athletic Therapist  (C.A.T.C) as well as a certified dance teacher.  Shena has the education and knowledge in anatomy, biomechanics and physiology to ensure you will  workout in safe environment.  

Butts and Gutts class (13 yrs to adult)

(a mat or towel to lie on is recommended for this class)

A combination of easy to follow exercises that will ignite your core for one hour.  Set to music, this class will target your abdominals, glutes and back muscles.  You will strengthen your deepest belly muscles as well as the muscles that help support and protect your back.  This class will combine core strengthening exercises with Pilates inspired movements to strengthen and tone your “Butts and Gutts”.  This class is a great compliment to the Stretch & Strengthen class if you are looking to get a great workout 2 days a week.

This workout will be led by: Jamie Lee Vanda.  Jamie`s success with this class last year has inspired her to return with a broadened program that will help you meet your fitness goals.  Jamie is a Certified Athletic Therapist  (C.A.T.C) as well as a certified dance teacher.  Jamie has the education and knowledge in anatomy, biomechanics and physiology to ensure you will  “feel the burn” in safe environment.   Come get “beach body ready” with Jamie.

Old School Adult Jazz class (18 years and older):

No dance experience necessary.  This dance class is designed for adults.  If you have always wanted to dance, but never had the opportunity to when you were younger or, if you used to dance but took time off to work or have children, this is the perfect class for you.  You will get a good “ol” jazz dance class with basic dance techniques.  You will do barre work, center work, progressions and stretching.