Your Mom taught My Mom >Marion Stansfield and she is 88.
What a proud tradition and Gift your Family has given Greenfield Park . Thank You.

James Bird


Congratulations on 75 years Cheri, many happy memories of my dance classes an then with my daughter Meagan when she was young. You and your Mom such great influences building self esteem with the girls who participated.

Pam Taylor


Congratulations Cheri! Lots of hard work have paid off. Your Mom would be so proud of you for continuing "Cameron School of Dance" Many happy memories, especially year end recitals!

Rosemary Delaney


Loved going to your moms house for tap.. Very fond memories sitting in the basement waiting for my turn. Teaching with her at St Edmund's and St Marys. She was a wonderful person.

Wendy Vaux


Started in 1963, at 3, ballet and tap with Mrs. Cameron at the school on Hubert St. I think. Then went on to highland and Irish on Vercheres in1965 for many years. Was invited to train professionally in Scotland but was not able to. Also did some modern jazz, hip hop in the 1970's with Cheri. Still miss dancing Cheri, we had a blast. I luved the bagpipes, still do, still shed a fear when I hear them. And marching onto the stage behind Lindsay was the best. He led us well, Cheri, myself, Betty Ann etc..... Congrats to all for such a fabulous dance school.

Lyn Rabey


Hi Cheri! I took lessons from your mom, and from you from 1964 until 1970. I will never forget the beautiful celebrations for the Centennial year! I loved your choreography for the Step Sisters and for Snow White, that I was in. Being Snow White was so memorable. Thanks for your hard work and all my fond memories!!

Maureen Tobin Hurl


My girls thought so much of your Mom when she would attend the shows.I always admired her elegance and grace when she crossed the stage and how she always took time to speak to everyone.Congrats to you and so amazing that you are carrying on your Mom's legacy with the help of Sheena and the future generations.

Nancy Di-Milo


I did one year of tap at your house on Chambly - early 1950s. Cynthia took ballet at St. Edmonds, tap and highland at your mother's on Vercheres and highland with you on Regent. Your mother was soft-spoken and a the kids loved her.

Jean Gardner


I took ballet, tap and some extra special instruction to learn how to do the Flora McDonald and Irish jig for the 1967 centennial recital. I think I only took lessons for 4 or 5 years but they were years that I enjoyed so very much and it was great therapy for my club foot. I still love to dance and returned to tap lessons back in the late '90's until 2004.

Joan Nykiforuk


Mrs. Cameron, She was such a beautiful person she taught my 2 girls

Noreen Richmond


She taught me and my daughter Cindy also .It was around 1947 I think on Chambly.Sherri taught my daughter Cindy also.Lorna's husband was my dad's second cousin.I always loved Lorna

Ellen Stone


I think everyone loved Lorna Cameron ... I sure did!

Micheline Bedard


Congratulations Cherie!! Your mom was a very special lady and one that touched the lives of many, many young girls. Looking forward to seeing a similar post on your 100th!

My first year dancing with Mrs. Cameron I was a tree in our end of year recital. It was held at St. Mary's in the basement on that tiny stage. Great memories!

Lorraine Lauzier Loo


I recently walked past St. Edmond's school where I took lessons from your mother many years ago. I swear I could hear the echo of little girls with their mothers preparing before class, and remember how I felt lacing up my beautiful pink toe shoes! Thank you for a mind full of happy memories!!

Carol Durocher


I lived a few houses away and took lessons in the basement of her house...great memories!!

Wendy Asprey


« Mes enfants sont extrêmement enthousiasmesde danserplusieurs fois par semaine à l’école CSD, et ce, à chaque fois J  C’est une partie importante de leur milieu de vie qui les fait grandir en tant que danseur mais également en tant que personne par les excellentes valeurs qui y sont enseignées.  Merci CSD de tout ce que vous faites pour le sourire et la santéde mes danseurs !»

Thank you !  Karine

We want to take the time to extend our complete appreciation for all that you've done, knowing that this must have been exhausting to organize, prepare, gather details, etc., in making this an amazing and phenomenal "family" vacation.

We had such a fabulous time and it even gave us time to get to know one another even better. We can honestly say that we have great memories and friends for life with everyone. Matthew keeps on talking about going back on the boat. He didn't want to go. :)

We could not express enough on how fortunate our kids are for having you both in their lives, as mentors, role-models and simply for knowing that you're there for them if they need. 

Once again, a great big "THANK YOU" goes out to you both!

Monica, Jerry and family


We did not have time to talk last weekend...but wanted to thank you you and your mom. It's incredible what you are both doing for the dancers!

The show was amazing!

I can't wait to start back my Irish class and to see the new studio! Congrats!

please let your mom know. I am so lucky to be able to dance at your studio

Enjoy this beautiful weekend as a mother !



Hi Shena,

I didn’t get the chance to sign the card for you, but just wanted to express my thanks for everything you do for the dancers. I know what a trying year it has been for your family, yet you have given them support, incredible training, great opportunities, and friendship. We are so lucky to have you and your mom in our children’s (and our) lives!

I can honestly say that Melisa would not be who she is without her dance family, you and Cheri. Here’s to many  more years, more learning and more success!!




Hi Cheri,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving the girls the experience they lived through this weekend.  It was very exhausting for me :), but it was so worth it. As a mother, it is the greatest feeling to see your children so happy.  

Thank you again!



Hi Shena,

I wanted to tell you this in September after your parent dancer speech, but never got the chance! 1st I had found you speech inspiring, motivating and gave me the feeling of being part of a wonderful team. I am really impress with the innovations, changes & evolution that you, your mom and your team brought that that 75 yrs old dance school.

It is also wonderful to see all these kids building their abilities and talents over the years. I can`t wait to see thoses mini`s when they reach their futur potential in 6-8 years! We see the strength of the school building & growing every year!

Great job to CSD and thank you!



Last night Danielle completed her last hour of solo practice and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you both how impressed I am with Jamie, Rachel and Melanie. Along with creating entertaining. challenging dances that seem to really fit Danielle, they were also really engaged and energized  during the classes with her.  The result was Danielle coming out of class engaged and enthusiastic about her routines.  Every time she finished an hour class and I asked her how it went, she would respond that they worked hard but she really enjoyed it.

Its a nice start to a new season!



My journey with Cameron School of Dance started at age four when I would look forward to those Saturday mornings where I got to dress up in my black bodysuit, pink tights and tap shoes, and chug-a-lug on the lollipop train. I still remember being the lucky one to hold Mrs. Cameron’s hand. Looking through old photos of myself dressed up as a duck, an angel or a rainbow (I was the easy one to spot with the crooked appliques sewed on by my awesome but not so crafty mother) I am flooded with fond childhood memories.

Phase two started when, as a young high school teacher in the community, I began to notice that so many of the wonderful students I taught, were part of the dance school from my youth. Not only that, but I started to detect a trend: almost every single girl who was part of the Cameron School of Dance was a responsible, polite and ambitious student. I found myself wondering if there could be a connection.

When my own two year old daughter started her first ballet class several years ago, I began a new relationship with Cameron School of Dance; I was now a dance mom! This part of the journey has been the most rewarding of all. It is wonderful to see both of my girls learning how to dance, and at the same time, learning valuable life lessons about hard work, discipline and commitment. Along the way, they have created meaningful friendships while learning the true meaning of teamwork. I feel very grateful to the Cameron School of Dance for providing young girls with the opportunity to shine, on the stage and beyond.

Jennifer Goodall

Je connais le CSD depuis près de 40 ans maintenant. Malgré le fait que je n’y danse plus et n’y enseigne plus, je reste profondément attachée à cette école. J’ai pu, de très proche, constater à quel point, la danse et le plaisir de la danse étaient des éléments au cœur de la direction de l’école et ce désir si grand de le partager avec les jeunes…et moins jeunes. Chaque professeure et assistante ont une mission : partager cet engouement à tous les niveaux et pour un ensemble de style de danse. Ceci a permis et je n’en doute pas un seul instant, à implanter dans le mode de vie de centaines de gens, la danse comme moyen de mise en forme mais aussi comme style de vie. Lorsque les élèves demeurent dans une même école pendant 10, 15, 20 ans…il y a un signe évident! Et la direction, Cheri et Shena, suivent bien la vision de madame Lorna Wallace-Cameron pour l’amour de la danse. Je souhaite à l’école encore un autre 75 ans à venir tout aussi éclatant.


When your kids never complain about going to dance and always leave the studio happy, you know they are in a great place!

Cameron School of Dance has been an absolute positive in our family for many years, no regrets.  It is a humble, top-notch, well-established, dance school where my kids have fun, all the teachers are always professional and encouraging and there are so many role model dancers and teachers.

Cameron offers the art of dance... but in the process has managed to teach respect, social skills and values, and has been great place to make many friends!

A big thanks!
Vespa family

More than just a dance school ... It's a place where friendships are built and where faculty, dancers & parents alike become part of an extended family. It's not only dance lessons but life lessons ... Discipline, desire, determination, confidence and self-esteem... How it feels to be part of a team; how great it feels to win; how hard it can be to lose and the grace that must come with both.

Tara Brown